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Collect Moments Not Things



I'm a sucker for romance, good beer, and random adventures. I'm a  photographer based  in the  Columbia River Gorge, but always ready to travel. I   began my journey  as  Stormi Rhodes Photography 6   years ago,  and have found a happiness in my career that is truly  rare.

Hi there, I'm Stormi

I would describe my style as vivid, glowy, and warm.  My goal is to  capture the tender,  genuine moments that  arise throughout our time together, and I work  with my clients to help ease any concerns  to make sure those moments aren't disrupted by anxieties. 

My favorite thing about my job is helping     clients find their confidence in front of a camera.  That   moment when I turn my camera around, and  see awe  and excitement cross their face, is on of the most heart warming sensations I've ever experienced. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Seriously though, if you find me physically jumping for joy after I get THE SHOT, don't be surprised!  

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