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Professional Retouching

Pro Edit


Collection 1 - $160

Collection 2 - $280

Package Includes

My pro edit is for clients looking for a complete high end retouch. This offers everything included in my premium package, along with an in-depth body and hair retouch. If you're looking for something that includes weight reduction, cellulite removal, double chin removal, hair thickening etc. this is the package for you. My goal is to create an edit that diminishes any insecurities you might have, but still looks and feels like you. I've attached examples below to help give an idea of what to expect.  Currently, I do not offer you to purchase per photo. The packages above are additional packages, that you can add on to my standard collections. This meaning, if you purchase   my collection 2, all 70 images included in my 2nd pricing package will come with a pro edit. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message or text! 

  • full premium edit

  • makeup retouching

  • cellulite removal

  • scar/stretchmark removal

  • weight reduction

  • double chin removal

  • fine line removal

  • high end eye retouch

  • high end hair retouch 


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Thank You

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