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What  to Expect

Feeling nervous about your session? Don't worry, I got you!

That anxiety you're feeling is completely normal!  I often hear, "I haven't had portraits taken since my senior session, and that was years ago", or, I haven't ever  had professional photos done, and I'm not quite sure how to pose. I work with my clients to create a fun and playful atmosphere. I want you to feel completely at ease during our time together,  and    I encourage    my clients to be upfront about any worries they might   have when they first contact me. That way   I can help defuse  any of those concerns   before we even see each other.  

Besides my cheesy humor and dad jokes, I have other  ways of helping my clients  feel comfortable during  our session. My knowledge on time,  location, wardrobe  and  posing  are just a few things I discuss with my clients, so they feel  equipt and ready for their session before it starts.  Guided posing is my way of creating movement, laughter, and emotion, that becomes  Pinterest worthy moments without the anxiety of I don't know what to do with my hands".  

Did I mention I have a client closet?  Whether it be a senior, maternity, or engagement session, one of the most common concerns shared amongst my clients is what should I wear. I have been working on beefing up my client closet this  last year, and now offer dresses in sizes XS-L! If you're interested in seeing any my dresses, just let me know when you inquire, and I will make sure to set up a gallery for you!  If you're not seeing your size at the moment, know I'm working on widening my size range, and plan to add new additions this year.   : )

Finally, I offer my clients  a  professional retouch,   or what    I call a cosmetic edit, and slimming for those who are interested. Slimming is controversial and not for everyone. Slimming is my way of using photoshop to realistically slim areas you might deem as problem areas. As a photographer I've seen it all. Cellulite, double chins, yellow teeth, it's all incredibly human  to me, but my clients  don't always have the same outlook.  We are all entitled to have insecurities, and if it's those worries  that are holding you back from the session you deserve, don't worry, I got you. I break up my cosmetic edit and slimming into two add on packages, at an additional cost. I'll send you the full details  on both packages once I send you my full pricing guide! Depending on the depth of editing you are interested in, you will have a choice of my Basic or Pro Packages.   There will be examples given in my pricing guide, to help you make a  decision, if that's something you're interest in. 

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