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Professional Retouching

Premium Edit


Collection 1 - $600

Collection 2 - $900

Collection 3 - $1200

  • in depth blemish removal

  • teeth whitening

  • scar removal

  • texture smoothening

  • under eye bag removal

  • lash/brow grooming

  • facial hair grooming

  • skin tone retouch (removes sun burns, blotchy skin, access redness or discoloration)

Package Includes

The premium edit is great for anyone looking for something more in depth than  the light air brushing I include in my standard packages. In my premium edit, I separate the details of the image from the color of the image. Working between layers, I’m able to do a professional retouch that still appears natural.  I use this technique to edit out acne, texture, uneven skin tone, redness and   under eye bags. I also include brow and lash grooming, where I can fill any gaps, or enhance eyelashes if desired. I also include facial hair grooming, meaning any patches or thinning I can thicken and fill.  I do not do any body retouching in my premium edit, except for acne and small scar removal. If you're interested in major body retouching like slimming, cellulite/stretch mark removal, double chin removal, or anything along those lines, you will want to see my pro edit packages.  Currently, I do not offer you to purchase per photo. The packages above are additional packages, that you can add on to my standard collections. This meaning, that if you pay for collection 3, all 600 photos I offer in my 3rd pricing package will come with a  premium edit. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message or text! 


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Thank You

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